We are the stars


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released March 26, 2011




FRIGA Minsk, Belarus

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Track Name: We are the stars
We are the stars
In the stream of time,
We are the flowers,
Don’t let us die.

We are the idols
Made of black old trees,
We’re praying to ourselves,
Falling to our knees

All our life is the dream
We do nothing more,
All it is the dream after the war.

Nobody believes us,
Nobody forgives us
There are only ashes in our core

We are so happy
That we can cry,
But we are more alone
Than the moon in the sky.

All of us need us,
But no one else,
So we are praying to ourselves.
Track Name: Held up in grace
Held up in grace

I'm not awAre
How I really found you 'mong these faces
Hadn't time to vanish into spaces
Has transmitted my thoughts right into haze
Never go away, we're held up in grace

You feell
so good near me and in my embraces
Filling you with tenderness night exhales
You're now me, I am you having all the same face
never go away, we're held up in grace

Once for all
I'll replace you by me and just
For one goal
To get lost you at once and to get you back home
In whole
I'm with you and nobody can sight substitUtion
I shall change into silver the soul of your heart
Your veins
Are for warmth I can spread in my persecution
Track Name: You may be
You may be my breath
You may be my mind
Can I understand
Why I feel like I am blind.

You may take my soul
You may play with it
I’m looking for your sight
And every sight makes me confused a bit

You’ll never understand
The words I’ll never tell
The words that make me live
And free me from my own hell

I’m looking for your eyes
And I feel my world is breaking
Can anyone explain me
What I’m doing wrong, where I’m mistaken?

We’re flying high
We’re falling low
And I don’t know
And you don’t know

Who we are
In our dreams
Maybe we are just playthings…

I’m walking through my life
You’re an immortal being
But if you want to be my love
You should be my everything.
Track Name: You'll never catch
You'll never catch

Dreams have slept upon your shoulder string
Fairy whispers here till very spring
Obscure round of words you'll never guess
Who can realise them with succes?

Little owls have been tilting their heavy hooked beaks
World is slumbering outside, doors have been clicked
Wait for me, don't fall asleep, till all around fades
I just cover yesterdays sunset with warm plaids.

Strangers on the path of no lead
Hosts of unavailing ideas in my head
Curving time is making me so mad it is looking at me

I'll for sure replace all my poles
And I'll say to you all the words of my role
You'll never catch and you'll come to me in my dreams

My unstable words have made you smile
Nothing more we need for a long while
Obscure round of words you'll never guess
Summon you by tune of happyness

You forget of all the world for it is so far
Getting closer don’t lock for me your door bars.
Wait for me, don't fall asleep, till all around fades
I just cover yesterdays sunset with warm plaids.
Track Name: Danger in your eyes
Stuck-stuck in my mind
Stop making me bored
Can you bring me love
I want some more

Knock-knock On my door
Leave-leave me alone
Tell me what you want to know
On a cell phone

I’ve changed all my old nicks
I’m hiding in my user pics.

I see danger in your eyes
Don't tell me the truth don't tell me lies

Look-look in my eyes
I’ve closed them before
You can change my mind,
But I’m not sure

Fall-fall in my dreams
You never take care
Can we just be friends in love?
I’ll take a dare.

Waiting makes me sick
Find me in my user pics.
Track Name: Morning

Morning muddled up all thoughts
Dreams of yesterday turned sour
Jars of potted recollections
Emty spaces of reflections

Through the blinds of sleepy window
Silent city looks like widow
Nothing knowing yet for riddling
In a verge and vague proceeding

To recall my feeble words
Thoughts and moves of no convention
All the things around me
Shivering in nervous tension

Whether shades are dusting glass
Or the candles in the midnight
All forbidden things we've got
Are so wrong and never seem right

Under feet clouds getting wetter
Yesterday I knew it better
All my life I used to handle
Things today became unstable

City is aware of nothing
Looking after me and laughing
Puddles soaked my spreaded tiredness
Nothing rests in but in silence
Track Name: In time
We'll crop up at your side in time
We shall crop up at any price
You will feel on your naked back
Stare of eager eyes

All the motions in slowly mood
Feelings are on the verge of dream
Current nervous talking
Like hysterious shocking
Make the words to be laser beam

Clock-work mechanism to zero
Rushing twice we connect your hand
Feel a chill on your skin befOre
Touch the temple of your head

We have almost discovered you
You'll get know 'bout us right now
Just two rushes for how
Can we break up the loose?
Till malicious land's
Broken all of us down

We almost never are
Light will melt us down
By a rapid connect
You'll be abandened undressed
We'll just taste your life
Your life has perfect taste!
Track Name: Missing you so much
Of the candles
Wicked evening now is trapping
Against the shadows
Nothing can be changed this evening
The same as yesterday
We will be chatting till tomorrow brings the day

So there is nothing more
And I can see it in your eyes
But then you fall into a trap
That I’ve prepared for you tonight
It’s all has been so unexpected
And you may guess who wasn’t right

Lost in the darkness
Of the city streets and stations
Ghost of your shyness
Made a rift in our relations
feeling something else
The only sense is in your gentle touch
missing you so much
I’m missing you so much

Silent crying
I don’t know what I should tell you
In your dreams
So I may cover you with shadow
All your fears will fly away
Let them go don’t be afraid
If your dream has not come true
That’s not a cause for looking blue
If tomorrow separates us
Frighten us with stormy weather
Just decode my songs and music
There’s the way to be together